Poltergeist Pol and Related PP2Cs

POLTERGEIST (POL) functions in CLAVATA1 (CLV1) and CLV1-related pathways regulating stem cell identity (Yu et al. 2000, 2003). pol mutations suppress meristem defects in clv1 and clv3 mutants, though all pol mutants are nearly indistinguishable from wild-type plants (Yu et al. 2000). POL in parallel with PLL1 regulates meristem and organ development. POL and PLL1 act downstream of the CLV signalling pathway through WUS to promote stem cell identity. This was demonstrated by pol/pll1 tissue phenocopying wus (WUSCHEL) in grafted plants (grafting allowed to overcome the embryo lethality of pol/pll1). The ectopic expression of WUS in pol/pll1 lines restored meristem activity, signifying that POL and PLL1 control maintenance of WUS

expression. Analysis of POL/PLL1/CLV3 triple mutants revealed pol/pll1 epis-tasis to clv3 (Song et al. 2006). PLL4 and PLL5 are involved in regulation of leaf development (Song and Clark 2005).

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