Plant Cell Monographs

Recently Published Titles

Plant Growth Signaling

Volume Editors: Bogre, L., Beemster, G. Vol. 10,2008

Cell Division Control in Plants

Volume Editors: Verma, D. P. S., Hong, Z. Vol. 9,2008


Viral Transport in Plants

Volume Editors: Waigmann, E., Heinlein, M.

Nitric Oxide in Plant Growth, Development and Stress Physiology Volume Editors: Lamattina, L., Polacco, J. Vol. 6,2007

The Expanding Cell

Volume Editors: Verbelen, J.-P., Vissenberg, K. Vol. 5,2007

The Plant Endoplasmic Reticulum

Volume Editor: Robinson, D. G. Vol. 4,2006

The Pollen Tube

A Cellular and Molecular Perspective Volume Editor: Malho, R. Vol. 3,2006

Somatic Embryogenesis Volume Editors: Mujib, A., Samaj, J. Vol. 2, 2006

Plant Endocytosis

Volume Editors:

Vol. 1,2005

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