Acclimation of Total Leaf Area Towards Alterations of Light Intensity

The dynamics of growth reactions towards alterations of light intensity were also shown in a study of seedlings of Nicotiana tabacum that were exposed to varying daylength and light intensity (Walter et al. 2007). It was shown for example that within 24 h of increasing light intensity by a factor of two, significant changes of relative growth rate occur. The plant reaction could only be quantified by monitoring a sufficient number of plants (about 25 per population) and by comparing relative growth rates instead of absolute leaf areas. The degree of automation and reliability of image analysis distinguished the applied pheno-typing procedure from that of other studies, in which total leaf area of rosette stage plants has also been quantified (Leister et al. 1999; Barbagallo et al. 2003; El-Lithy et al. 2004; Granier et al. 2006). Not only leaf area, but also shoot fresh and dry weight increased as a reaction towards inclining light quantity.

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