Fig. 2.2.17. A Stomata in isolated epidermis of Poiypo-dium vulgare. The lower surface of the epidermis was in contact with water. Only a small air bubble simulated the substomatal air space. On the upper surface dry or moist air was blown over the stomata with a capillary. The experiment started with closed stomata in dry air. Changing to moist air induced slow stoma-tal opening in 54 min. With constant moist conditions the stomata stayed open but with application with dry air closed within 4 min (Lange et al. 1971). B Response of leaf conductance, transpiration and water content of a leaf of Prunus armeniaca to dry air. Stomata closed, transpiration decreased and leaf water content increased. C Responses of different types of plant to dry air. (Schulze and Hall 1982)

Vigna luteola

Picea sitchensis

Vigna uriguiculata

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