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plies particularly to genetically complicated cereals like wheat and to Chenopodiaceae (e.g. sugar beet), where regeneration of plants from transformed cells is the major problem (see also

Chap. 1.1.7). Considering the actual progress in molecular gene technology, transformation of the more difficult species will be achieved in the foreseeable future. However, the conditions un liable 1.1.1. Increased drought and salt resistance in rice plants by introduction of the HVA 1 gene (LEA protein) of barley (nd not determined) (Xu et al. 1996)

Transgenic line and wild type, respectively

Amount of HVA1 protein in soluble protein (%) in


Surviving plants (%)



Under drought stress

Under salt stress

Height of Fresh weight Height of Fresh weight plants (cm) of roots (g) plants (cm) of roots (g)

Wild type

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