Maximum Rates of C02 Assimilation

Loss of water, as well as uptake of C02, occurs via stomata and thus there is a physical connection between the stomatal conductance and the rate of photosynthesis (see Chap. 2.2.3). It is therefore not surprising that maximum C02 assimilation of a vegetative cover (Amax) is linearly correlated with the maximum conductance of the surface for transport of water vapour (Fig. 2.4.6 C). This function is important for global models of carbon budgets because it allows an estimate of the maximum turnover of C02 and water vapour. There is no corresponding correlation between Emax (maximum transpiration) and Amax (maximum assimilation), because transpiration depends on very variable meteorological conditions (water vapour saturation deficit, irradiation; see Chap, 2.2.4), whilst

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