Membrane lipids ordered

Glycerol synthesis rig. 1.1.9. Hypothetical model of the osmosensor of the cell wall-free alga Dunaliela salina. Tridemorph is an inhibitor of sterol biosynthesis, cholesterol hemisuccinate (CHS) is an exogenous sterol that can be incorporated into the plasma membrane of D. salina. (After Zelazny et al. 1995)

Most of the strains imposed on a plant by its environment are spontaneously rather than regularly recurring. A feed-forward signal causing stress avoidance therefore appears to be fairly exceptional. Most of the adaptation reactions are triggered by actual stress and thus correspond more to the feed-back mode (see also Chap. 2.2). Our knowledge about the signal transduction in the cell is still rather patchy (see Chap. Signal transduction and effects of signals constitute a broad field of research in molecular eco-physiology.

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