The Culture and Care of Carnivorous Plants

With few exceptions, carnivorous plants are rather easily grown. If you pay attention to the proper growing medium, the light needs and humidity requirements you can be successful with these wonders of the plant world.

Unlike conventional house plants, carnivorous plants actually require less care. For one thing, they don't want or need fertilizer. That solves a common problem most people have with house plants. For another, thev have no need of insecticide sprays. That's good news to organic gardeners as well as anyone who has fought the battle of the bugs around the house plants and in their gardens.

Obviously these carnivorous plants can't abide insecticides. They need those insects. They are the plants' nourishment.

You see, you're far ahead already, since we eliminate some of the problem areas of growing plants—fertilizer and pest control materials. The other ingredients required by regular plants are much more easily provided.

As you read .through the various chapters about individual plants and their families of relatives, you will pick up some basic culture tips. This chapter is designed to provide a basic understanding of the plant needs in general and the best ways to provide the special requirements of carnivores to help them thrive and perform perfectly for you.

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