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The pineapple industry of the world is dominated by the cultivar 'Smooth Cayenne', which is used both for fresh fruit and for processing. The near-total reliance on a single cultivar in crop cultivation is uncommon and is made even more unbelievable by the fact that 'Smooth Cayenne' has been the backbone of the global pineapple industry for more than a century. First collected by Perrotet in 1819 in French Guiana under its local name 'Maipuri' (Perrotet, 1825), it rapidly spread to other geographical regions, has adapted well and is known by such other synonyms as 'Kew', 'Giant Kew', 'Champaka' and 'Sarawak'. The 'Smooth Cayenne' monopoly is undoubtedly due to its high yield, adaptability and good characteristics for canning. Further, highly specialized systems of production and processing protocols have been developed almost exclusively for this cultivar. These factors, together with impending high costs and attendant inconveniences in changing to a new variety, account for the difficulty in replacing 'Smooth Cayenne'.

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