Diagnostic monitoring of plant health and nutrient status

The crop log, which involved an assessment of plant growth combined with tissue analysis, was a major component of managing plant nutrition on major pineapple plantations. This information, described in more detail by Malezieux and Bartholomew (Chapter 7, this volume) can still be of value in managing the finer details of plant

Cameco Boom Spraying
Fig. 6.17. A, Tractor-mounted sprayer with tank trailer on a farm in South Africa (photo courtesy Graham Petty); B, self-propelled boom sprayer with rear-mounted tank (photo courtesy CAMECO Corp.); C, self-propelled sprayer with double boom (photo courtesy CAMECO Corp.).

nutrition. Today, fertilizer schedules for most large operations take into account both research results and operating experiences in order to consistently produce high yields. Such schedules should not be changed unless data gathered at key times during the cropping cycle indicate either a shortfall in or an imbalance of plant nutrients.

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