Large quantities of crowns can easily be gathered with fruit being harvested for processing. They can be inexpensive and, if planted fresh, perform well if protected against heart and butt rot with fungicides. Equipment is available that allows for the treatment of planting material with pesticides at the time of harvest. Crowns are usually not available where fruit are produced primarily for the fresh market, because the fruit is marketed with the crown. Also, crowns are unsuitable as planting material if the growing point has been gouged in an

Fig. 6.7. Pineapple planting material can be obtained from the fruit crown (top right), slips (top middle) or suckers (top left), or from sectioned crowns (middle) or stems (lower) when labour is available or there is a need to rapidly increase the supply of available planting material.

attempt to increase fruit weight by limiting crown growth during the latter phases of fruit development.

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