Marie Eskling Anna Emanuelsson and Hans Erik kerlund

Summary 433

I. Introduction 434

II. The Xanthophyll Cycle, Enzymes and Pigments 434

III. The Conversion of Violaxanthin Depends on Temperature and Light 441

IV. The Role of the Xanthophyll Cycle 442 Acknowledgments 447 References 447

26 The PsbS Protein: A Cab-Protein with a Function of Its Own 453-467

Christiane Funk

Summary 453

I. Introduction 454

II. Early History of the PsbS Protein: A Mysterious Protein in Photosystem II 456

III. The psbS Gene and Gene Product 457

IV. Pigment Binding 458

V. The PsbS Protein: An Early Ligh Induced Protein or Light Harvesting

Protein or a Protein of Its Own? 459

VI. The Function of the PsbS Protein 463

VII. Conclusion 464 Acknowledgments 465 References 465

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