Perry (1980)

G. macrorrhizum

Bulgarian Geranium, Zdravetz

Bulgaria, Romania, Poland

of limbs, pain See G. maculatum; antiviral

Oil used in aromatherapy

Serkedjieva, 1997; Tisserand et al. (1995)

G. maculatum

American or Spotted Cranesbill, Storksbill, Crowfoot

North America, Europe

Diarrhoea; dysentery; GI ulcers; styptic in menorrhagia and haematuria

Haemorrhoids; wounds; sores; bleeding; as a mouthwash

Brendler etal. (1999); British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, (1983)

G. mexicanum

Mano de Leon, Pata de Leon, Agujas

Mexico, Venezuela

Laxative in infants, antispasmodic

Infant bathing to treat rashes and wounds

Morton (1981)

G. nepalense

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