The present volume of Plant Ecophysiology focuses on the biological significance of glutathione in plants. Glutathione or its homologues are present in nearly all living organisms and are directly or indirectly involved in many important metabolic reactions and in physiological functioning. The current ideas on the role of glutathione in plant metabolism and its significance in plant adaptation to biotic and abiotic stress is discussed in the different chapters of the volume. Occasional overlaps of information between chapters could not be avoided; moreover, they reflect the central and multiple role of glutathione in integrated plant metabolism.

The main aim of this volume is to raise the interest of advanced students and junior researchers in the role of glutathione in plants and to supply basic and comprehensive information for scientists already working on related topics. It must be emphasized that it was not the intention of the authors to present detailed scientific reviews about the various aspects of glutathione for specialists.

Dieter Grill Michael Tausz Luit J. De Kok

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