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The Cenicafe coffee databases

CENICAFE - Colombia


CIRAD - France

Ccmb coffee database

CCMB - India

The Brazilian Coffee Genome EST project

Brazilian Coffee Research and Development Consortium (CBP&D-Cafe) - Brazil

An EST database containing 32,000 coffee (C. arabica, C. liberica) ESTs. It also includes 6000 Beauvaria bassiana ESTs and 4000 Hypothenemus hampei (coffee berry borer) ESTs. Login required for access to data. A crop information system created to store genetic and genomic information about tropical crops. A module for coffee has been implemented that manage data about C. canephora BAC library and SSR markers (55,296 and 253, respectively). A database for the molecular characterization of the available coffee genepool in India and generating basic materials (molecular markers/mapping populations) as a prelude to molecular (DNA) marker-based coffee breeding program. Still under construction. The database and the interface have been developed to support the Brazilian Coffee Genome EST project. It manages 130,792, 12,381 and 10,566 sequences for C. arabica, C. canephora and C. racemosa, respectively, (37 cDNA libraries) assembled into 33,000 unigenes. Login required for access to data.

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