Workplace Hazards

There are several chemicals commonly found in workplaces that are known to be reproductive hazards for men. The hazards come from plastic production, welding, and lead and other chemicals.3 A complete list of reproductive hazards in the workplace is unavailable because this is an ongoing area of research. More than 1,000 different chemicals used in the workplace (of the 4 million chemical mixtures that are commercially used) have been shown to cause reproductive problems in animals: The majority of these chemicals' effects have not been studied in humans. Known workplace hazards affect reproduction by decreasing sperm counts, causing abnormally shaped sperm, altering sperm transfer, and altering hormones and sexual function. Workplace exposures have been shown to affect the reproductive system in men; however, they do not affect each person in a similar way. Quantity, duration, and other factors determine whether someone is affected or not. These substances enter the body via inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion.

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