Science is continually discovering an inflammatory link in many chronic diseases, revealing this process as both a precipitive and propagative factor in these conditions. Because of this new understanding, physicians must now, more than ever, use preventative medicine to treat their patients. Preventative anti-inflammatory treatments are numerous and may be applied at various levels of care. The most motivated patients can alter the course of their health positively and prevent chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, or Alzheimer's disease, simply by manipulating the fatty acid ratios of their dietary intake.

In addition, patients with preexisting ''chronic'' disease conditions may also affect the outcomes of these disease processes by adhering to similar protocols. Natural medicines and nutritional cofactors also collectively play an important role in preventing and treating diseases in which inflammation is active. Greater understanding of these medicines and the benefits that they exert on various parts of the inflammatory process will allow practitioners to use such natural antiinflammatories safely to treat chronic inflammation as well as for general preventative health care.

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Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

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