Present in many supplement regimes for the treatment for osteoporosis, this trace mineral can have substantial effects that can serve as an adjunctive therapy to optimize bone-mineral density. The mineral can also affect estrogen and phosphorus levels.

Estrogen—Boron has been shown to increase estrogen levels, thus concomitant use with estrogenic drugs may increase serum estrogen levels even higher.10 Current knowledge of this potential interaction is based predominantly on the theoretical synergy that could arise from boron's ability to enhance estrogenic effects within the body. Thus, boron should be used cautiously, if at all, for patients with estrogen-dependent disease processes or who have risks for such conditions because of this potential to affect estrogenic properties physiologically.

Bone mineral density—Boron may increase bone-mineral density measurements in female athletes.11 In a clinical trial, 17 female athletes had a slight increase in bone-mineral density over the period of the year-long study, whereas the sedentary control subjects actually demonstrated a slight decrease.

Phosphorus—Boron may also decrease serum phosphorus concentrations in some patients.11 Female college students who took the mineral in a study had lowered serum phosphorus levels. Subjects in the study's boron-treated group also had lower magnesium levels, which apparently correlated with participating in exercise.11

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