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A Matter of Cellular Biochemistry

The adage "the mind is a terrible thing to waste'' is especially true when it comes to nutrition and its effects on mental disease. The literature has numerous studies that indicate multiple nutritional deficiencies as contributors to mental illnesses and their symptoms. From this research, we can extrapolate that fueling an individual based on his or her biochemical needs heightens neurologic performance. Symptoms and efficient neurologic functioning are the body's and the brain's responses to either illness or health. Today, we know the power of thoughts, not only as creative, thinking beings; we also know the power that positive thoughts have on human lives. Taking this further, a brain that may require more of a certain nutrient, or has a deficiency of several nutrients, cannot be expected to perform properly and thus will experience mental symptoms. What follows are a select group of "mental health'' conditions that reflectjust as much a state of body as they do a state of mind. The artificial division of mind from body is much the same as the division of one's nose from one's face, or the proverbial trees from the forest.

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