Triticum aestivum Linn

Family Name:


Local Name/

Kank, Ghandum, Ghanum/Wheat

English Name:

Flowering Period:




Part Used:

Whole plant


A cultivated annual herb, cultivated in fertile loamy soil.


It is commonly cultivated throughout Pakistan and the



An annual cultivated herb. Leaf blades long and flat.

Inflorescence is a spike. Spikelets solitary at the nodes

of the tough rhachis, laterally compressed, flowered.

The upper one or two florets are sterile; glumes sub-

equal, asymmetrical keeled, one- or two-toothed;

lemmas keeled toward the tip, scabrid; palea membra-

nous, two-keeled (Fig. 3.17).

Medicinal Uses:


Dry seeds are collected by men, women, and children

12-50 years old, in summer (March-May).

Ginger Leaf Spot

Family Name: Poaceae

Family Name: Poaceae

Recipes: (a) 10 kg of wheat grains is soaked in 20 L (2,000 mL) of water in a big silver pot for 10-15 days. Then a white milky juice is extracted from these grains by pressing on them with bare hands. This juice is strained with a cloth in another silver pot and then placed in sunlight for 5-6 days until it changes into a white powdery mass called nashashta. This white powdery mass is stored in cloth sacks for further use. Fifty grams of this white powdery mass (at one time) is cooked daily in 2-3 tsp (20 g) of sugar, 2-3 tsp (20 g) of desighee (fat), and 1-2 cups (250-500 mL) of water for 8-10 min. This sweet meal (halwa) is given to nursing mothers to increase milk production for 8-10 days after childbirth. (b) 100 g of wheat flour is mixed daily with 50 g of Trachyspermum ammi (ajwain) and 20 g of salt. Then 1-2 cups (250-500 mL) of water is added to make it into dough. The dough is placed on a hot iron plate and cooked for 8-10 min. This bread is given to cattle suffering from cold, fever, and stomach disorders (takwo) and to increase their milk production. One bread (150 g) is given twice daily (morning-evening) for 2-3 days.

Family Name:


Diseases Cured:




Stomach disorders, fever in cattle, and to increase milk production in cattle and nursing mothers.

The plant is used in both fresh and dried forms as fodder for cattle, goats, and sheep. The husk (pho) is stored in small huts (phoharah) and used as fodder. The pho is also mixed with clay plaster as an anticracking agent on stonewalls. Grain flour is a major source of food. Grains are also soaked or boiled in water and given to cattle and other livestock to increase milk production.

Proteins, starch, fat, fiber, ash, sugar, nitrogenous substances, salts, and acids [18].

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