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Noor-i-alam/Whorled Solomon's seal




A small perennial herb found in temperate areas. Distribution: Pakistan: Swat, Kurram Agency, Chitral, Dir, Kashmir, Gilgit, and Baltistan. World: Southeast Tibet, W. Asia, Europe, Russia, and Afghanistan. Rhizomes tuber-like. Stem erect, angled, glabrous. Leaves in whorls of 3-6-8, occasionally alternate near base of stem, sometimes opposite near apex, subsessile, linear. Inflorescence flowered, perianth pale yellow. Fruit berries red, becoming purple (Fig. 3.15).

xh kg of rhizomes is dug out by men and women 20-40 years old, in the winter; dried in the shade for 15-20 days.

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Family Name: Liliaceae

Recipes: 200 g dried rhizome is ground, powder is mixed with desighee, and tablets are made. These tablets are used with milk as a tonic and as an aphrodisiac. For children, not used. For adults, 1-2 tablets are given along with milk for 15-20 days.

Diseases Cured: Used as tonic and aphrodisiac.

Phytochemicals: Saponin and alkaloids [17].

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