Phyla nodiflora L Greene

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Hifza phruii, Taka aspa/Fog grass




A prostrate perennial herb, found in sandy soil along water courses.

Pakistan: Sind, Karachi, Waziristan, Kurram, Balouchistan, Parachinar, Landi Kotal, Khyber, Kohat, Lowrer Hazara, Punjab Plain, and Kashmir. World: Tropic and subtropic areas.

A small prostrate perennial herb up to 2 ft in tall. Stem prostrate, branched, green, bears adventitious roots on nodes. Leaves simple, opposite, green, fleshy, toothed on upper half and entire below. Flowers small; numerous in ovoid spikes like heads and pale white. Corolla is 2-lipped, lower lip 3-lobed (Fig. 3.66).

60-75 g of fresh leaves is collected by men and women 20-40 years old, in summer (AprilAugust) and then washed in water 2-3 times.

60-70 g of fresh leaves and 8-10 g of black pepper are ground daily for 8-10 min; 1 cup (250 mL) of water is also added. Then it is filtered with a cloth and given to patients suffering from skin diseases, mouth sores, earaches, toothaches, eye diseases (phora), general body inflammation, and piles; also used to purify blood. For children, 2-3 tsp (15-20 mL) of drug (at one time) is given once daily, in the morning, for 5-6 days. For adults, 1 cup (250 mL) of drug (at one time) is given once daily, before breakfast, for 10-15 days.

Skin disease, pimples, lesions, mouth sores, piles, earaches, toothaches, body inflammation, and eye diseases (phora); also used to purify blood.

Glycosides (nodiflorin A, nodiflorin B), volatile oil, resin, sugar, and potassium nitrate [16].

Phyla Nodiflora
Fig. 3.66 Phyla nodiflora (L.) Greene

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