Miscellaneous Uses

Cotinus coggyria, Myrsine africana, Juglans regia, Pinus roxburghii, Acacia spp., Triticum aestivum, Grewia optiva, Celtis australis, Dodonaea viscosa, Phoenix syl-vestris, Grewia optiva, Salix tetrasperma and Berberis lyceum are used miscellaneously. Women and children make ropes, bags, baskets, mats, ornamental goods and handicrafts from these plants which are used in daily life. The use of non-timber forest products like wild fruit and flowers for food, handicraft making, mats, dry decoration pieces from leaves, and rope making from bark should be encouraged and properly managed by the local social organizations for better use of resources for benefit of the local people and protection of ethnobotanical culture.

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