Medicinal Plants Inventory

Abstract This chapter includes complete inventory of 100 medicinal plant species belonging to 3 genera, 3 species and 3 families of pteridiophytes, 2 genera, 3 species and 1 family of gymnosperms, 11 genera 12 species and 7 families of angiosperms (monocots), 71 genera, 82 species and 52 families of angiosperms (dicots). Complete profile of individual medicinal plant i.e. botanical name, family, vernacular name, flowering period, status, part/parts used, habit, habitat, distribution, description, medicinal uses (collection, recipes and diseases cured), ethnobotanical uses and phytochemicals is provided.

Keywords Angiosperms (dicots) • Angiosperms (monocots) • Description

• Distribution • Ethnobotanical uses • Gymnosperms • Medicinal uses

• Phytochemicals • Plant inventory • Pteridophyes

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