Hedera helix Alin Auct

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Harbumbal, Parvata, Banda/Bind wood, ivy




Wild shrub, mostly found as climbing shrub on trees such as Pyrus and Punica species and on moist, cold, and shady cliffs. Pakistan: Swat, Hazara, Margalla Hills, Murree Hills, and Kashmir. World: Afghanistan, India, Bhutan, Southwest China, and Burma.

Family Name:



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A climbing shrub, extensive climber on trees. Stem woody, branched; climber bears adventitious roots that arise from stem. Leaves are simple, petiolate, dark green, shining above and light green under surface, with three to four triangular lobes or entire. Flowers yellowish-green, 5-merous. Inflorescence panicle of umbels; fruit is black or orange, pea-like shape and size; berry globose to subglobose with 2-3 seeds (Fig. 3.52).

4-5 fresh leaves are collected by men or women 30-50 years old, in any season when required.

There is no special method of drug preparation. Just a few leaves (at one time) are chewed 3-4 times per day during a blood sugar problem to reduce a high level. This drug is only used by adults 30-50 years old and is not given to children.


Family Name: Araliaceae

Ethnobotanical Uses: The leaves are used as fodder for goats and sheep.

Phytochemicals: Arsenic oxide, saponin, a-hedrin and glucoside helixin, arsenic oxide, saponin, hedrin. A glucoside (helexin), saponin, and glycosides [30, 51].

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