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Just like allopathic and homeopathic medicine, the traditional herbal system uses a special combination of plants to treat diseases. Different plants have different chemicals that can have different results on different organisms. The proper quantity and quality of these plants must be consumed in order to get positive results; otherwise, either no results or some mishap can occur. That is why local people are always in search of authentic recipes. Today a lot of people are using the traditional system; for example, in China, traditional Chinese medicine is relied upon for nontoxicity, and most Chinese people avoid allopathic or other systems. In the Lesser Himalayas, local inhabitants use medicinal plants in different ways, s in the forms of decoctions, extracts, powders, pastes, or juices. The mode of application for these plants is topical as well as oral. Different recipes used by the indigenous people of the Lesser Himalayas have been developed from time immemorial through experience gained during the treatment of patients afflicted with different diseases. This traditional knowledge has been transferred from one generation to the next. Traditional herbal professional healers have special names that vary by region. From a business point of view, these healers are reluctant in sharing information about their recipes because these recipes are their trade secrets. Nowadays phytochemical laboratories have standard procedures to use plant extracts directly on a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These and other research activities on animals are also adding to the knowledge base of herbal healing.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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