Cyperus rotundus Linn

Family Name:


Local Name/English Name:

Ghawa kochin, Kai, Motha/Cyperus roots

Flowering Period:


Cyperus Dactylon
Fig. 3.13 Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers

Family Name:




Part Used:

Underground stolons

Family Name:





Medicinal Uses: Collection:

A small grass-like herb, mostly found in shady and moist places in loamy soil.

Pakistan: Mach, Loralai, Peshawar, Tank, D. I. Khan, Hazara, Swat, Chitral, Gilgit, Lahore, Sialkot, Attock, and Kashmir. World: All warm regions of the world, including India, China, Malaysia, and Africa.

Small herb. Stem underground rhizome, bears adventitious roots. Roots have tuberous underground stolons. Leaves simple, linear, grass-like, entire, crowded near the base of stem, green. Flowers pinkish-white (Fig. 3.14).

150 g of fresh underground stolons is collected by men 25-40 years old, in summer (JuneAugust). They are cleaned, washed 2-3 times in water, and dried in sunlight for 3-4 days.

Family Name:



Diseases Cured: Phytochemistry:

A mixture of 125 g of dried stolons and 60 g of sugar is ground together for 6-7 min. Then the powder is mixed in 125 g of cowghee. This drug (halwa, "sweet dish") is stored in a silver or plastic pot and given to patients suffering from piles and sexual debility. For children, not used. For adults, 2 tsp (12-15 g) of drug (at one time) is given daily in the morning, before breakfast, for 10-15 days.

Piles and sexual debility.

Volatile oil, pinene, cineole, phenols, cyperene, cyperol, cyperone, essential oil, resinous matter and starch granules, alkaloids, glycerol; linolenic, linoleic, oleic, myristic, and stearic acids [15, 16].

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