Cynodon dactylon L Pers

Family Name: Poaceae

Local Name/English Name: Khabbal, Dubkhabbal, Talla/Bermuda grass Flowering Period: June-October

Status: Common

Part Used: Whole plant

Family Name:





Medicinal Uses: Collection:


Diseases Cured: Ethnobotanical Uses:


A wild perennial herb, commonly found in open, waste places in planes as well as hilly areas in clay.

Pakistan: Peshawar, Baltistan, Chitral, Kurram, Hazara, Kaghan, Mansehra, Rawalpindi, Murree Hills, Karachi, Tharparkar, and Baluchistan. World: Found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate regions.

Prostrate perennial herb with a slender underground rhizome. Culms slender, up to 40 cm tall. Leaf blades short and narrow, glaucous, with or without scattered hairs; ligules are short ciliolate rim. Racemes long in a single whorl. Spikelets long; glumes lanceolate; lemma silky with simple hairs (Fig. 3.13).

100 g of fresh plant materials is collected by men and women 20-50 years old, in any season (March-November), then washed and cleaned with water 2-3 times.

100 g of fresh plant material is ground daily for 4-5 min. This paste (malum) is then applied (20-30 g) on wounds and other infected parts of the body 2-3 times per day for 1-2 days.

To control bleeding and help with wound healing.

The plant is used as fodder for milk-producing cattle to increase their milk and butter production.

Protein, fiber, ether, ash, nitrogen-free extract, ether extract, mineral constituents of ash and ash sol in HCl 5.60%, CaO 0.77%, P2O5 0.59%, Na2 0.23%, and KO2 2.08%; protein, fat, total carbohydrate, fiber, ash, Ca, P, Fe, K, beta-carotene, cynodin, hydrocyanic acid, and triticin [12-14].

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