Cuscuta reflexa Roxb

Family Name: Cuscutaceae

Local Name/ Niladhary, Akashbel, Banosha, Zarbuti/Doddar

English Name:

Flowering Period: January-March

Status: Uncommon

Fig. 3.42 Cuscuta reflexa Roxb

Family Name:


Part Used: Habit/Habitat:

Distribution: Description:

Medicinal Uses: Collection:

Whole plant

A wild twining herb, mostly found on Zizyphus species, forming a dense mass of yellowish threads.

Pakistan: Sind, Balouchistan, Karachi, Dir, Chitral, Hazara, Gilgit, Salt Range, Kashmir, Muree, and Islamabad. World: Afghanistan, Southwest China to Southeast Asia.

A twining herb. Stem weak, twiner, yellow, branched, thread-like, soft, thick, succulent with small adventitious roots. Leaves absent; plant is total parasite. Flowers white cream color. Fruit is brown, capsule with 2-4 seeds (Fig. 3.42).

xh kg of fresh plant is collected daily by men or women 20-40 years old, in any season, mostly in summer (April-November).

Family Name:



Diseases Cured: Phytochemistry:

V2 kg of fresh plant is cut into small 2-4-in. pieces and boiled in 4 cups (1 L) of water for 1-2 h in a mud pot covered with an airtight lid. After 1-2 h, the mud pot is opened in an airtight room and the patient's infected joints or paralyzed body part(s) are placed over the steam for 8-10 min. Then the remaining paste-like material (halwa) is given to patients suffering from paralysis, rheumatism, and jaundice. For children, not used. For adults, 2-3 tsp (15-20 g) of fresh drug is given once at night for 6-7 days.

Rheumatism, paralysis, and jaundice.

Flavonoids of the flavonol type, phenolic compounds, hydroxycinnamic acid, phenylpropanoids, and caffeic acid [41].

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Coping with Asthma

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