Cissampelos pariera L

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Local Name/English Name: Flowering Period: Status: Part Used: Habit/Habitat:



Medicinal Uses: Collection:

Ghore summi, Phuldhari/False pareiar brava



Whole plant

A small climbing herb, mostly found on cliffs and as a climber on other plants. Pakistan: Hazara, east of Indus River, Rawalpindi, Kashmir, Jhelum, and Margalla Hills. World: India and Sri Lanka. A climbing herb up to 1 m in length. Stem climber, weak, branched, hairy, and green. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate, green, hairy, and rounded like horse toes (foot) with ciliated margin. Flowers small, yellowish, and in clusters (Fig. 3.38).

30-40 g of fresh leaves and young stems is collected by men 20-40 years old, daily in summer (April-August).

Cissampelos Pariera Pics

Family Name: Menispermaceae

Recipes: 30-40 g of fresh plant material is ground daily for

4-5 min; / cup (125 mL) of water and 2 tsp (10-12 g) of sugar are mixed in. This ground material is stored in a cup overnight and given the next morning to patients suffering from inflammation, gleets, and sexual debility. For children, not used. For adults, 3-4 tsp (20-25 g) of drug (at one time) is given once daily, before breakfast, for 8-10 days.

Diseases Cured: Intestinal and bladder inflammation, gleets, and sexual debility.

Ethnobotanical Uses: The plant is used as fodder by goats and sheep.

Phytochemicals: (4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-7-

(4-methoxyphenyl)-6-(2-hydroxy-4, 6-dimethoxybenzoyl)-furano [3, 2-g]

Fig. 3.39 Citrus limon (Linn.) Brum

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