Allium sativum Linn

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Thoom, Lahsan, Oga/Garlic March-April Commonly cultivated Bulbs and leaves

A perennial cultivated herb, cultivated in loamy soil along with Allium cepa. Pakistan: Cultivated throughout the country. World: Cosmopolitan in distribution, found on the main islands of Indonesia, in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh. A cultivated herb. Stem underground bulb, in clusters. Bulb with 8-16 bulblets, which are white, oval in shape, and covered by white scales. Roots small and adventitious. Leaves simple, green, fleshy, hollow, cylindrical, and radial. Flowers small, white umbellate. Fruit capsular (Fig. 3.8).

Bulbs are collected by men, women, and children 12-40 years old, in summer (April-June). They are cleaned and washed in water 2-3 times and dried in sunlight for 6-7 days. They are stored in cotton sacks or baskets for further use.

Family Name: Alliaceae

Recipes: (a) 20 to 30 bulblets of Allium sativum are fried in

2 cups (500 mL) of Brassica campestris (sarson) oil for 10-15 min; when the bulblets turn black, the oil is filtered with a cloth and stored in a glass bottle, to be used for earaches. Two to three drops of oil (at one time) are used,

2-3 times per day for 1-2 days.

(b) 8 to 10 fresh bulblets are ground daily for

3-4 min. This paste is applied to skin lesions, pimples, and other skin infections. Four to 5 g of paste is applied twice daily (morning-evening) for 6-7 days.

Diseases Cured: Earache, skin infection, skin lesions, and pimples.

Ethnobotanical Uses: Both leaves and bulbs are used in chutneys, in cooking curries, as spices and condiments. They are aromatic, stomachic, and a flavoring agent. Phytochemicals: Water, fat, protein, pectin, mucilage, Na, K, Fe,

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