Eucalyptus Eucalyptus citriodora

Plate 34: Leaf (T, S) showing seerelorv cavities. Oil removed by chemical treatment tin ring preparation of tissue formicroscopy(SEM.CPD) [x236].
Plate 35: Leaf (T/S) showing secretory cavity ILM. BL stained w ithsafraninand fast green) [x23l].

FRANKINCENSE- Boswellia carteri

Piatt 36: Five vear old stem IT S). Xylem and bark tissues dearly visible with resin globules oozinu from ducts (cryo-SEM )[xl28].

Plate 37: Five year old stem (T S). Xylem and bark tissue clearly \isible showing resin duels in bark I LM.BF.

FRANKINCENSE- Boswelia carteri

Plate 38: Resin sample, mavdi grade 3-4. sorted by local Somalian collectors.
Plate 39: Resin sample, maydi grade 1-2. sorted by local Somalian collcctors.
Plate 40: Freshly-collected myrrh (Commiphora mvrrha) resin.


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