Bog Myrtle Myrica gale

Plate 7: Sessile secretory gland on lower! oat surface covered by turgid, intact cuticle (SEM.CPD) [\607j
Plate 8: Stalked glands and non-secretory trichomeson lower leaf surface (SEM,( PD)[x600].

CARAWAY - Carum carvi

Plate <>: SeedtT S) showing detail of primary vitta (SEM. CPDf [x406].
Plate 10: Seed pair(T/S) showing4 primary and2 commissural vittae(SEM, CPD) [x48].

CATMINT - Nepeta cataria var. citriodora

('late 11: Sessile secretory gland on lower leaf surface covered by turgid, intact cuticle. I'art ofnon-secretorv hair visible in foreground (SEMXPD) [x94X].


JO? ■ ■•-'n^Jr * -

Plate 12: Sessile secret on. eland on tower leaf surface \\ ith ruptured cuticle revealing underivniK secreton. cells (SEM. CPD) [x 1.250].'

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