New patents

Therapeutic bath salts

A mixture of lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, rosewood oil and patchouli oil with epsom salts, LiCl and Copper gluconate have been patented by McLean (1999) as a muscle relaxant.

Therapeutic skin creams

A composition for the control of dermatomycoses and dermatophytoses with Tinea pedis, included lavender and Equisetum (Koniger, 1997).

Another preparation for minor skin irritations contains lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus in a carrier oil (Elliott, 1997) and is said to reduce irritation, promote healing, resist insects and take advantage of the science of aromatherapy.

Wound treatment

A base of Centella asiatica with lavender oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil and Aesculus tincture, with possible addition of Medicago or Carlina and cedar oil (Llopart, 1982).

Treatment of skin and scalp

Lavandula, Mentha. Allium and Salvia are included in an infusion in vinegar of Geum (Iris, 1989). Fly and mosquito repellent

Lavender absolute, benzoin, dimethylbenzylcarbinyl acetate, with jasmine absolute, racemic borneol, d-limonene and/or hydrolinalool is patented by Warren (1997).

Lastly, lavender water is poured onto gravesites in Malaysia in libation ceremonies.

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Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

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