Figure 2.22 Breeding strategies in cardamom — the clonal selection pathway.

per panicle (0.967), cincinni per panicle (0.645), tillers per clump (0.639), panicle length (0.559), panicles per clump (0.537), bearing tillers per clump (0.340), vegetative buds per clump (0.309) and recovery ratio (0.224). Negative correlation was observed between fresh yield per clump and dry capsules per kg ( — 0.486). The above workers concluded that capsules and cincinni per panicle, bearing tillers and panicles per clump, panicle length and vegetative buds per clump are significant attributes primarily responsible for high yield of cardamom, and selection for improvement should be based on these attributes (Patel et al., 1997, 1998).

Parent x Parent A B


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