Conclusion Of Medicinal Plant

Though cardamom is a perennial crop, its growth behaviour resembles more to a biennial crop in the sense that vegetative phase (tillers) emerging in one year turns into reproductive phase during the second year and produce panicles, flowers and capsules. Cardamom, being cultivated as an undergrowth with shade trees, competition for inputs among them makes nutritional management an important practice in realizing optimal yield of the crop. Escalation in cost of fertilizers makes necessary their use in an efficient and economic manner. Even though there exists greater demand for different spices produced through organic cultivation practices, the demand for organic cardamom is not much at present. However, production of cardamom through low input sustainable agriculture incorporating integrated nutrient management system involving use of various kinds of organic manures and bio-fertilizers should be aimed at in the present day context of preservation of natural ecosystem and environmental protection.

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