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So how will Rika's JuicePicker help you: No more web searches! Quickly pick the right juice recipe. Pick recipes according to your favorite ingredients (nutritionally color coded) Pick recipes according to your family's nutritional needs (use color coding) Pick recipes according to available ingredients (easily confirm nutritional colors) Complete instructions for quick preparation with each recipe. Favorite function lets you quickly find your favorite recipes next time round. Easy recipe printing for future reference. Without any prior nutritional knowledge, you can ensure your family gets the main color groups daily. Lots of useful juicing and nutritional tips. Here are just some of the more than 100 recipes you can access with Rika's JuicePicker: Super-Easy Apple Juice, Berry Good-For-You Juice, Super-Easy Watermelon Juice, Super-Easy Start-With-Greens Juice, Full Of Beans Juice, Beauty Treatment Juice, Calm With Greens Juice, Cucumber Slim-Down Juice, Craving Buster Juice, Pineapple Zzzing Juice, Healthier-Hair Tonic Juice, Easy Energy Boosting Juice, Morning Pick-Me-Up Juice, Superhero Soda Juice, Digestive Detox Juice, Glowing Skin Cocktail Juice, Turn-Back-The-Clock Tonic Juice, Lagging Spirit Lift Juice, Yum-Berry Juice, Parsnip Immune Kick Juice, Rika's All-Color Combo Juice, Love-My-Body Juice, Body-Armour Juice, Spicy-But-Nicy Juice, Wheatgrass A-La-Fruit Juice, Sugar-Habit-Go Juice, Body Cleanse Juice. More here...

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Summary And Conclusions

Research aimed at investigating the beneficial effects of fresh, commercial, and fermented pomegranate fruit juice, peel, and seeds (and their purified single phyto-chemicals) is relatively new, despite the fact that the fruit has been consumed for thousands of years. Most of the in vivo studies have been aimed at evaluating the

Notfromconcentrate Juices

The not-from-concentrate citrus fruit juice (NFC) is one of the most ancient productions of citrus processing industry. Citrus juices confectioned without passing through concentration and subsequent dilution have been present on the market for years in several confections such as bottles, tins, and so on. With the exception of traditional productions, there are two kinds of ready-to-serve NFC citrus fruit juice on the market the freshly squeezed juice with short shelf life and the NFC juice with medium shelf life. In the strict sense, in the first productive line no thermal process is admitted, either of pasteurization or of freezing, while the second one is characterized by a mild pasteurizing process. In both cases, storage and distribution must occur at refrigerating temperature. In the production of freshly squeezed juice no pasteurizing process is foreseen, therefore very careful surveillance is essential to avoid phenomena of microbiologic pollution during processing or...

Single Strength Juice From Concentrate

This production still represents a great part of the market of ready-to-serve citrus fruit juice. From the qualitative standpoint, it is a less valuable product than NFC juice even because it undergoes two pasteurizations, one at the moment in which the juice is introduced in the concentrator and one at the moment of confectioning after dilution. The first pasteurization is drastic because all the forms of pectin-esterase have to be inactivated the second is milder, around 80 C for 15 30 seconds, if the juice is distributed under refrigeration, while it is more drastic, beyond 90 C, if the confectioned juice is put on the market at room temperature with long shelf life.

Antioxidative Properties Of The Pomegranate Tree Parts

Since pomegranate tree parts may also contain polyphenols with antioxidant activ-ity,57 we have prepared ethanolic extracts of whole crude pomegranate plant parts. The polyphenol concentrations in these extracts decreased in the following order bark stem whole fruit juice leaves. In the 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) free radical scavenging capacity assay, using similar total polyphenol content (10 pmol of total polyphenols L) from each of the pomegranate tree parts, the following order of potency was observed bark whole fruit juice stem leaves. Analysis of the antioxidant activity against copper ion-induced LDL oxidation, using similar total polyphenol concentrations, revealed a dose-dependent inhibition of LDL oxidation. These results suggest that different polyphenolic flavonoids are present in the pomegranate tree parts and, hence, on using total polyphenol content, specific flavonoids exert different antioxidative potency. The pomegranate flower powder ethanolic extract...

Overall Naturopathic Approach

A more recent study of fasting by patients with RA also has produced some interesting results.39 Specifically, after a week of vegetable-juice fasting, this study found significant decreases in sedimentation rate, CRP, and tender-joint count, as well as experiencing a 37 decrease in the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6. In addition, there was a significant increase in DHEA-sulfate levels, which was also seen in patients who were placed on a ketogenic diet.

Citrus limon Linn Burm

Recipes (a) 3 tsp (20 mL) of fresh fruit juice and 3 tsp (20 mL) of fresh Allium cepa juice are mixed and given to patients suffering from cholera and vomiting. For children, 1 tsp (5 mL) of juice (at one time) is given 2-3 times per day for 1-2 days. For adults, 2 tsp (10-12 mL) of juice (at one time) is given 2-3 times per day for 2-3 days. (b) 4 cups (1 L) of water, 4 tsp (20-40 g) of sugar, and 1 tsp (8-10 g) of green tea are boiled together daily for 8-10 min, then filtered with a cloth or filtration pot, stored in a teapot, and given to patients suffering from fever. For children, 1 tsp (5 mL) of fresh juice is mixed with xh cup of decoction (green tea) (at one time) and given 2-3 times per day for 3-4 days. For adults, 2 tsp (12-15 mL) of fresh juice is mixed in 1 cup of decoction (at one time) and given 2-3 times per day for 8-10 days.


It can be affirmed that only in recent decades has there been a further noticeable increase in the development of the juice industry, thanks also to an awareness on the part of the consumer of the basic nutritional and vitamin-rich properties of fruit juice, and not simply as a drinks ingredient. There is a tendency, in consumer interest, to move away from those fermented products known since antiquity (such as wine and cider) and towards more natural products, as part of a more rationally planned diet. Naturally, this shift of consumer tastes has not only been determined by an increased awareness of the nutritional properties of fruit juice. The essential factor has been the increasing capacity of the industry to prepare high-quality products that satisfy both the organoleptic characteristics, and those that derive from the original fruit. All this with the advantage of the products reaching the consumer even when the fruit itself is out of season.


The main component in citrus fruit juice is water. In industrial practice the trend has always been the decrease of juice weight and volume, reducing water presence, thus concentrating it, altering as little as possible the sensory attributes and nutritional Many types of thermal evaporators are available for citrus processing, because concentration is common to other industrial activities. Some plants strategies are then necessary because of the peculiarities of citrus fruit juice, such as heat sensitivity and viscosity.

Mapleleaf viburnum

Wildlife Dense patches of mapleleaf viburnum provide good nesting sites and escape cover for wildlife. In spring, butterflies perch on the flat-topped inflorescences, imbibing nectar while birds and mammals feed on the small, juicy fruits in autumn. Rose-tinted, slug-like caterpillars tended by ants are most likely the larvae of spring azure butterflies, one of the first adult butterflies to emerge in spring, and known to feed on the leaves of mapleleaf viburnum.


The vacuole is an acidic organelle, and the pH of most vacuoles is around 5 to 6. Vacuole acidity is important for its lytic function since many vacuolar enzymes work most efficiently at or near pH 5. Acidification of vacuoles is brought about by transporters embedded in the tonoplast. These transporters use the energy stored in adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or in some cases, pyrophosphate, to pump protons from the cytosol into the vacuole. In extreme cases, such as in the lemon fruit juice sac, the pH of the vacuole can be as low as 2.

Oil 1 tablespoon

Remove yeast package from hot roll mix. Heat fruit juice to lukewarm. Turn into a large bowl and sprinkle in yeast and stir till dissolved. Blend in cardamom, mace and sugar. Add flour mixture and stir until blended. Work in mixed glace fruits. Form dough into a ball. Spread oil over the surface and turn in bowl to oil lightly on all sides. Cover and leave for about an hour in a warm place till it has increased to about twice the original size. Punch down, cover and let rest for a further 5 min. Oil hands lightly and form into a dozen small balls. Place on a lightly greased baking tin. Cover and leave for a further 35 min

Devils walkingstick

Description An erect deciduous shrub or small tree with sharp pointed prickles on the trunk, branches, and leaves. The large (up to 4 ft. long and 2-3 ft. wide), highly divided leaves can have as many as 100 leaflets. Small, greenish white flowers in large, showy, terminal clusters 2-4 ft. long develop into purple-black juicy fruits in large, drooping clusters. Flowers June-Sept. fruits Sept.-Oct.

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