Zinnia elegans 91 -2

Plate 1.1 (A) Apical localization of AUX1 protein (green) and basal localization of PIN1 (red) in root protophloem cells. (B-D) Basal localization of PIN1 in stele (B), apical localization of PIN2 in epidermis and lateral root cap (C) and lateral localization of PIN3 in pericycle (D) cells of Arabidopsis root. (E) Internalization of PIN1 protein into aggregations of endosomes upon Brefeldin A treatment. (F, G) Seedling phenotypes of pin1,3,4,7 quadruple (F) and gnom (G) mutant with rudimentary root and improperly specified cotyledons. Reproduced from Friml et al. (2003), with permission. (H) Developing flower with increased DR5::GFP signal at tips of developing primordia of floral organs. Reproduced from Benkova et al. (2003), with permission. (I) DR5rev::GFP globular embryo showing increased auxin response (in green) at the basal pole. Nuclei depicted in blue. (J) Increased auxin response visualized by DR5::GUS expression in central root meristem. Reproduced from Benkova et al. (2003), with permission. (K) Increased auxin levels in the central root meristem visualized by anti-IAA immunolocalization. Reproduced from Benkova et al. (2003), with permission. (L) Auxin response and transport in gravistimulated Arabidopsis hypocotyl. Nonpolar (dashed line) and polar (red arrows) auxin transport systems. During gravitropic or phototropic bending, increased auxin response (DR5 : :GUS, displayed as blue staining) visualizes higher auxin levels at the more elongated, outer side of bending shoot. Reproduced from Friml (2003), with permission. (Continued)

Plate 1.1 (Continued) (M) Immunolocalization of PIN3 protein in the Arabidopsis root apex with probable routes of polar auxin transport (white arrows). PIN3 (in green) is localized symmetrically in columella cells and apparently mediates auxin distribution in lateral direction to all sides of root cap. After gravistimulation, PIN3 rapidly relocates to the bottom side of columella cells (inset), where it apparently mediates auxin flux to the lower side of root for gravitropic bending. Reproduced from Friml (2003), with permissions.

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