Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Preface On Topic Medicinal Plants

This multitude of medicinal uses described and discussed over the centuries is sometimes difficult to evaluate. Authors such as Crosswhite and Crosswhite (1984) have given detailed accounts of the drug in classical antiquity, concentrating on the species Aloe vera which seems to be the main one in use, with Aloe perryi from Socotra mentioned more rarely. While the acquisition of Socotra by Alexandra the Great to ensure supplies of A. perryi to treat his troops is well known and presumed true, the origins of A. vera are obscure. The plant is recorded from lands around the Mediterranean back to Mesopotamian times and was subsequently carried to the Atlantic islands and the West Indies to the west and India and China to the east. It is almost impossible to distinguish stands of plants to be of either introduced or native origin, although Hepper (personal communication) claims to have seen specimens growing in Yemen in regions so remote as to preclude the possibility of introduction,...

That Retain some Degree of Cell Differentiation

The monitoring and visualization of cereal endosperm development is hampered by its localization within maternal tissues, and furthermore this localization makes efforts of direct manipulation difficult as well. Maize is an example of an economically important cereal which has had a depth of endosperm research and provides a good model of nuclear endosperm function. Therefore, attempts to culture the endosperm to examine aspects of assimilate accumulation have been ongoing since at least 1947 (LaRue 1947). In these early efforts, the goal was to develop immortal cultures. Efforts examining different media, endosperm isolation time (days after pollination), growth conditions, and genotypes of maize culminated in a successful methodology to continuously culture cells with some degree of endosperm traits (LaRue 1949 Straus 1954, 1959, 1960). This methodology utilized isolation of endosperms from kernels 8-18 DAP, most optimally 12 DAP with growth on an agar medium containing basal salts,...

Diet and Longevity

Human beings are the highest form of life on our planet and need food for survival. Each and every person desires to live longer and would perhaps, if possible, prefer to live forever. However, as of now, everyone born on this most beautiful and dynamic planet Earth has to die one day. That said, a person can enhance his or her life span through careful living. One of the major requirements of careful living is a balanced diet based on a proper mix of plant and animal produces, in addition to a disciplined daily routine and living including physical and mental exercises.


Even the leaves of the evergreen type are not immortal it is just that the senescence (aging and death) of leaves occurs individually rather than all at once. Second, not all conifers have small or needlelike leaves. Some conifers, native to the Southern Hemisphere, have broad leaves. Third, although all conifers are woody plants, not all conifers are large trees. A number are shrubs or small trees, and one is even a parasite on the roots of other coniferous trees. Finally, not all conifers have cones as people usually think of them. Some conifers, such as the yew, have solitary seeds covered with a fleshy, colorful tissue.

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