a Plants not cut the first year. b Yield after 4 years in t DM ha-1.

c Analyses performed on 3-year-old plants for Zn, Cu, and Cd.

Note: Average yield and concentrations of 4 (Dornach and Caslano) or 30 plots (Les Abattes) are given with standard deviations in brackets.

Sources: After Kayser, A. et al., Environ. Sci. Technol., 34, 1778, 2000 (Dornach and Caslano); Hammer, D. et al., Soil Use Manage., 19, 187, 2003 (Dornach and Caslano); Keller, C. et al., Plant Soil, 249, 67, 2003 (Dornach and Caslano); and Keller, C. et al., unpublished data, 1997-2004 (Les Abattes).

found to be tolerant to Cd and Zn, and S. aurita, which was also able to accumulate Cd and Zn in its shoots (tests performed in hydroponics) [11].

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