and deficiency of trace elements to humans, plants, animal, and aquatic life depend on geochemical processes. These processes include adsorption-desorption and dissolution-precipitation processes. The objective of this chapter is to discuss geochemical processes controlling trace elements [e.g., arsenic (As), selenium (Se), iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), barium (Ba), and fluoride (F)] in coalbed methane natural gas (CBNG)-produced water in semiarid environments. The chapter presents

• Background information

• The CBNG extraction process and quality of produced water

• Geochemical processes of trace elements in CBNG-produced water

• Potential impacts of CBNG-produced water on rangeland and riparian zone plants, soils, and sediments

Results show that cationic trace elements in produced water precipitate as oxides and hydroxides when they interact with semiarid soils or channel sediment. However, anionic trace elements in produced water become more soluble and mobile in semiarid environments. Findings of this study will be useful in properly managing CBNG-produced water in western ecological environments.

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