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Relaxing sedative antistress anticonvulsive and spasmolytic properties

Another study with the aim to link the effects of odorants with the emotional process through autonomic nervous system responses was performed and found that among the tested odorants the inhalation of lavender oil elicited mostly 'happiness'. More than 60 subjects showed similar autonomic responses which can be transcribed into basic emotions (Vernet-Maury et al., 1999). Similar results were obtained in an experimental study which was performed on 122 patients to evaluate the use of aromatherapy. Those patients who received an aromatherapeutical treatment with lavender oil reported a significantly greater improvement in their mood and perceived levels of anxiety compared to controls (Dunn et al., 1995). Changes in electroencephalogram measurements to different odours revealed that the EO of lavender significantly increased the regression coefficient of the power spectra of frequency fluctuation of a-waves. Thus, showing that this form of an experiment can be used for the evaluation...

Authentification of lavender essential oil

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) responses were studied with regard to emotional factors induced by odorants which included lavender, ethyl acetoacetate, camphor, acetic acid and butyric acid (Vernet-Maury, 1999). Fifteen subjects inhaled these five odorants at different times and their various ANS parametres were monitored. These included skin potential and resistance, skin blood flow, and temperature, instantaneous respiratory frequency and instantaneous heart rate. The subjects also evaluated their feelings after inhalation, which ranged from pleasant to unpleasant on an 11 point hedonic scale. Analysis of variance showed that lavender elicited happiness as did ethyl acetoacetate, camphor elicited either happiness, surprise or sadness, based on past association with the odour. Butyric and acetic brought unhappiness with negative emotions like anger and disgust expressed. More than sixty subjects in three similar experiments, showed similar autonomic responses which were...

Diet and Longevity

Globally, people are becoming conscious of their longevity and searching for an appropriate diet that can lead them to a disease-free, healthy and happy life. To achieve these goals, one of the best options is to go with nature - live and eat seasonal and regional foods and adopt naturopathy and diet therapy in the case of minor ailments, if needed. In this respect, soybean has a tremendous potential to be transformed into a number of healthy foods, suiting individual requirements, across the globe. developed and are available on the market. Soybean may be processed and easily used in the home kitchen. A total of 30-50 g of carefully processed soybean in the daily diet helps to prevent many diseases and leads to better health, happiness and longevity.

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