Carbohydrate Metabolism and Carbon Partitioning

Leaf development and senescence have been related to physiological function in L. temulentum through a number of studies of photosynthesis. Some of the earlier investigations were attempts to identify the floral stimulus moving from leaves to apices, by administering radiolablelled CO2 to photosynthesising plants and chasing the 14C from source tissue through the translocation system to its destination (Evans and Wardlaw 1966; Ryle 1972; Ryle and Powell 1972). These studies concluded that the kinetics of assimilate distribution are incompatible with the observable properties of the flowering signal. L. temulentum has also been the subject of studies of the climate change-relevant issue of plant response to atmospheric CO2 concentration. Gay and Hauck (1994) found that photosynthesis in this species under CO2 enrichment acclimated better to a light flux of 150 than 350 mmol m~2 s_1, and Lewis et al. (1999) observed that elevated CO2 failed to r^S )

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