Pattern of Na partitioning into berry

During berry growth, Na+ is differentially distributed in the various berry compartments, i.e. skin, flesh and seeds. Our study showed that vine water status and not the ratio of leaf area/fruit influenced the accumulation of Na+ in the fruit by reducing or inhibiting the accumulation, depending on the compartment. At veraison, greater accumulation of Na+ was observed in the flesh in comparison to the skin and seeds (Fig. 4d1, d2, d3). The accumulation of Na+ in the berry compartments was limited and followed a dynamism similar to that of K + accumulation in the skin and flesh. The accumulation of Na+ in the skin was identical during the lag phase, from the end of the first growth phase (53 daa) to veraison (60 daa), and then the quantity of this element increased during ripening. In seeds the accumulation of Na+ was variable but remained relatively constant in the post-veraison phase.

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