Pattern of Mg partitioning into berry

The strongest berry compartment sinks for the phloem-mobile nutrients varied for each element. In Grenache noir berries, Mg++ accumulation at veraison was identical in the flesh and the seeds. During ripening, Mg++ accumulation in the flesh was much higher than in the skin and seeds (Fig. 4c1, c2, c3). The flesh is always richer in Mg++ than the skin, which concurs with the results of Doneche and Chardonnet (1992) and Rogiers et al. (2006b). On the other hand, seeds essentially stopped accumulating Mg++ at veraison, leading to drastically reduced levels during ripening. This suggests that, in Grenache noir berries, the seeds became isolated in some way after veraison with regard to Mg++ accumulation. This isolation, however, appeared to be limited to the seeds, since the flesh and skin continued to accumulate most of the Mg++ after this time. The quantity of this element increased during ripening but at different rates depending on the response of berry to vine water deficit rather than to the ratio of leaf area/fruit.

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