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Fig. 3. Accumulation of potassium (a), calcium (b), magnesium (c) and sodium (d) in berry of Grenache noir during ripening. The most abundant cation per berry is K+. The accumulation of Mg++ and Ca++ is significant until veraison; water deficit inhibits the accumulation of these cations post-veraison. K+ and Na+ continue to accumulate in the fruit after veraison in spite of water stress. Labels are described in Fig. l.The arrows indicate veraison. Results are expressed in mg berry-1. The bars represent ± limits of significance (a = 0.05).

ripening (data not shown). Other authors mostly observed an augmentation of this parameter per unit fresh weight (Hale 1977), or found it to remain relatively con- stant (Boselli et al. 1995). The concentration of K+ in the berry increases if the level of K+ accumulated is greater than the growth rate of the berry (Mpe-lasoka et al. 2003).

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