Z collinsii J Mood I Theilade

A recently described beautiful Zingiber species, Z. collinsii was discovered and introduced by Mark Collins. This one has silvery stripes across the leaves, somewhat similar to Alpinia pumila, but much taller. This species has become a favorite of plant lovers in United States and Europe.

Z. corallinum Hance

This Zingiber species is a medium-sized plant producing long, pointed, red-bracted inflorescences near the ground. The foliage is medium green in color. This species has been proven winter-hardy down to 20°F. The rhizome is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The effect of this species in preventing skin invasions by Schistosma japonicum cercaria was investigated in mice. A worm reduction rate of 91 percent was found at 5 percent concentration of the rhizome extract (Shuxuan et al., 2001). Z. corallinum is valued as an ornamental and a medicinal plant of great promise.

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