Yield Gaps

The yield of ginger has been reported to vary greatly depending on cultivars, climate, soil factors, planting time, and maturity at harvest. Prentice (1959) reported that the average yield in Jamaica was 1,570 to 2,250 kg/ha of dry ginger. Maistre (1964) found that on the southwestern coast of India, the yield ranged from 9 to 11 tons of green ginger per hectare, which gave 1.3 to 1.8 tons of dry ginger per hectare. On an all India basis, the average yield of green rhizomes varied from 7 to 10 t/ha, although yield up to a maximum of 40 t/ha has been reported. Comparative evaluation of 20 cultivars of Indian and exotic ginger at the Central Horticultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, India, revealed that most of the cultivars gave yields considerably higher than reported earlier. The green rhizome yield varied from 7.6 t/ha in the cultivar Thodupuzha to 36.5 t/ha in cultivar Rio de Janeiro (CSIR, 1976). Bendall and Daly (1966) stated that the normal yield in Queensland for an early harvest crop for preserved ginger was approximately 10,000 kg/ha green rhizomes. They opined that there was ample scope for increasing the average yield since experimental yields of 37,000 kg/ha of green ginger for early harvest and 59,000 kg/ha for a late crop had been reported. Nybe (1978) observed a significant difference among 25 cultivars of ginger in green rhizome yield that ranged from 2.74 t/ha (Arippa) to 28.56 t/ha (Nadia) and the dry rhizome yield that ranged from 1.13 t/ha (Uttar Pradesh) to 6.45 t/ha (Nadia). The productivity is much lower in other countries compared to that in China. The average productivity in some of the ginger-producing countries is given in Table 16.1. The present productivity figures indicate the wide gap existing between national productivity vis-à-vis the yield achieved in experimental yield trials and by high tech farmers. An assessment of the potential for a productivity increase

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Table 16.1 Average production and productivity of ginger (2001)


Area (ha)

Production (tons)

Productivity (t/ha)




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