Water Management

Ginger is grown both as a rain-fed and irrigated crop. Korla and Tiwari (1999) at Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India, observed that significant effects of rain-fed and irrigated conditions were observed on pseudostem length, tillers per plant, leaf length, leaf breadth, and yield per plot. Significant genotypic differences were observed for pseudostem length, rhizome length, rhizome breadth, and yield per plant. In general, the commercial cultivar Himgiri performed well and was consistent under both environments for most of the characters. The performance of SC 646 was similar to Himgiri

Figure 5.8 Influence of soil solarization on yield in ginger (g/plant).

for tillers/plant, leaves/plant, leaf length, leaf breadth, rhizome length, rhizome breadth, yield of individual plants, and total yield/plot. Plessis and Anderson (1986) found that overhead sprinkling of water raised the yield of ginger from 36.4 to 45.2 t/ha.

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