Time of Planting

Although ginger survives naturally as a perennial rhizome, it is domesticated as a rain fed annual crop. Timing the planting to coincide with the rainfall pattern has been a major consideration as this determines the tuber yield to a large extent. Therefore, ginger is sown when the premonsoon showers begin during early April/May (Aiyadurai, 1966); in June or later, as the case may be, if the monsoon showers are late (Paulose, 1973). May/June is the most appropriate time for planting in Jamaica (Prentice, 1959), whereas in Fiji it is September to December (Haynes et al., 1973; Whiley, 1974, and Evenson et al., 1978). In Nigeria and Sierra Leone the ideal time to plant has been when the rainfall has become regular; usually by midApril in southeastern Nigeria (Okwuowulu et al., 1989). Early planting is associated with more uniform sprouting and ensures maximum crop duration for rhizome growth and development.

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